We won!! (best brand experiential campaign Gramia Awards 2008)

Last night I went to the Gramia Awards (Grocer Advertising & Marketing Industry Awards) as Slice had won a Gramia in the category Brand Experience for our Beck’s Fusions Campaign last september. We really didn’t know if we would then go on and win the ‘diamond’ gramia for that category, making us overall best campaign in that section, rather than just one of 4 recommended. We did! We won! Whoop Whoop! We were in a bit of shock actually as these things hilariously follow the format of a less glamorous ‘grammy’s’ with loud pumping music and lights flashing as you approach the stage and everyone runs around taking photos of you. Our category was the first up and suddenly Toby Antiss shouted out Beck’s (In) Fusions wins…(bless him) and Jason Gallucci (Managing Director of Slice) and I went up to grab our trophy and grin for the camera.

Beck’s Fusions in a nutshell was (even if I say so myself) an example of a really cohesive integrated campaign. Beck’s had always historically been associated with art and their Beck’s Futures work. We extended that to be art and music: Beck’s Fusions. We worked with Woo (part of Engine) to make the campaign work across on pack promotion, outdoor and print creatives, PR, online and of course our main experience.

Slice approached the ICA to link with Beck’s in creating a series of unique events across the UK which united leading musical and artistic talent to create original and inspiring performance and multi-media art installations.

Beck’s Fusions 2007  took place live in a specially designed interactive exhibition and performance ‘pod’ that  travelled to four key locations across the UK and Ireland during September 2007. The London Launch includes a unique fusion performance from the Chemical Brothers and United Visual Artists (UVA), supported by Calvin Harris and Novak 3D Disco.

What worked so well about this was that the only way you could get to the shows was by entering a URN from a bottle of Beck’s with on pack promotion on it, into the website. You then entered a ballot system with a fixed amount of tickets being released each day. We had 120K applicants for a 10K show. The other clever part was making a desirable experience (which raised awareness of the brand and increased sales and was trackable) also newsworthy. By holding a concert in Trafalgar Square you bring an element of unusual. If you analyse what makes the media from a PR perspective where you are trying to generate the news, there are some standard common sense givens…
– man bites dog (turning the expected on its head)
– celebrity
– celebrity as you have never seen them before (exclusive)
– anything that is a first..never been done before
– nudity (yawn)
– something happening somewhere you wouldnt expect – a rave in st.pauls catherdral for instance?
So we held a concert in Trafalgar Square (something whilst not never, not often done before) and added in the idea of the worlds first ever 3D disco..( a first) because some of the artists collaborating with the musicians were going to do light projections only viewed through 3D glasses. By making a mock up of what this would/could look like we gave collateral of never seen before london landmark to the national press hitting all the picture desks and bingo getting blanket coverage the week before.
Trafalgar Square as a venue has restrictions too, not any old brand can rock up and pay to use it as a setting for an event. Those restrictions work with the council that events must be free to the people and cultural and even then there are only a handful passed through a year. By linking with the ICA and making the event FREE but with purchase of beer we circumnavigated getting this coveted landmark as our hub. Anyway we must have done something right! We won……

1 Response to “We won!! (best brand experiential campaign Gramia Awards 2008)”

  1. 1 Ciarán October 5, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    Congrats! Next year the other Grammys maybe?

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